Special #22 Millstone Peated Moscatel - Distilled in 2017

Millstone Dutch Single Malt Whisky Peated Moscatel - Distilled in 2017

Millstone Dutch Single Malt Whisky Peated Moscatel is handcrafted whisky distilled from Heavy peated malt (50PPM) in the traditional distillery that is owned and operated by the Zuidam Family.

Two generations of experience in distilling of exclusive spirits and a constant search for perfection has led to the birth of this malt whisky. 

This peated malt whisky exhibits a surprising freshness and distinct underlying flowery and fruity character that is carefully created by the crystal clear wort, long cool fermentation with both brewers and distilling yeast. Followed by a slow and gentle distillation before filling it first fill Moscatel sherry casks.

Peated Malted Barley
4 years
Vat type
Moscatel Sherry Casks
Bottles are labelled by hand and details of the whisky are written on the label.