NIEUW: Special No25 Millstone Peated White Port - Distilled in 2018

This peated malt whisky has the beautiful color of old gold, and a rich and luscious flavour profile that far exceeds its relative youthfulness. The whisky expresses those typical notes that you would expect from a relatively youthful peated whisky with a full maturation in Rivesaltes casks. Despite the full maturation in Rivesaltes casks the first impression is fresh more than sweet. When you give the whisky a little time in your glass and the whisky shines with its warm and complex character. The unique qualities of this whisky come from the use of a crystal-clear wort that is slowly fermented for 7 days and the slow distillation method with the relatively early cut point. After distillation the whisky had a full maturation in Rivesaltes casks that give the whisky its beautiful color and adds to the elegant sweetness and rich complex flavour. Tasting notes:Color: Very Dark Gold

Nose: Fresh and fruity with rich and warm undertones. The whisky’s first impression is, it feels tremendously mature and integrated. The warm aromas of smokiness, chocolate, toasted almonds and vanilla of this peated whisky are supported by the aromas of warm stewed cherries. This develops into a rich and complex whisky that has a definite orange, citrus character to balance those campfire smokey notes.

Taste: Wonderfully balanced. Warm notes of Amarena cherries and typical millstone notes of oranges and various other citrus aroma’s balanced with the deep and interesting smokey notes of the peat. 

Finish: Long, almondy, smokey and slightly drying with great complexity