Orange a base de Cognac*** Liqueur

Orange Liqueur

This rich Orange Liqueur is created from a distillate from fresh sweet and fresh bitter oranges and a superb French Cognac.

The oranges are hand selected, washed and cut in half before they are distilled. During distillation the essential oils that are mostly in the peel are captured in the grain spirit. We only use the best part of the distillation that has the pure and fresh orange flavour. 
The Cognac is artisanally distilled and aged in French Oak Barrels for a minimum of three years. The traditional but perfect combination of the fresh oranges, the delicate cognac and the rest of the ingredients will certainly please any connoisseur.

Our liqueurs contain no added fragrances, colors and flavors.

Product Specifications:

Volume: 700ml
Alcohol %: 40%
Dimensions: 33cm x 8cm diameter
Colli (bottles): 6
Pallet (bottles): 528