Flying Dutchman - Rum 1

Flying Dutchman Rum 1

The Flying Dutchman Rum 1 is aged for a minimum of 12 months in new American oak barrels.


Fermentation is done in very small batches. Two different strains of yeast and controlled low temperature fermentation contribute to the very fruity character of these rums. The fermentation takes at least two weeks. That is exceptionally long but essential in the formation of the delicate flavors of these rums.


After the slow fermentation the rum is distilled three times in small handmade copper pot stills. It is only after the third distillation that the rum is exactly as we want it. We know that our method of hands on distillation in our small pot stills is more costly and slower than the for rum more customary large-scale industrial column distillation. However we feel that our method although less efficient yields a better more balanced rum with an exceptional fruity character and an unrivaled mouth feel.


After our careful and time-consuming distillation we age the rum in small casks. 

  • Flying Dutchman Rum 1 was awarded “Best Premium White Rum” 
  • Won a silver medal at the International Spirits Challenge in London.
12 months
Vat type
New American Oak
Bottles are labelled by hand.