Framboise Liqueur

Framboise Liqueur

This Framboise liqueur is made from the finest selected Raspberries.
The berries are crushed and extracted with pure grain spirit. This process takes more than a month before all the delicate flavours are dissolved in the alcohol. After this extraction period the pulp that is left of the raspberries is separated from the extract. The pulp is gently pressed in a traditional wooden press. The final result of all this manual labour is a deep red extract that contains all the flavours and aroma’s from the fruit. Now we only add pure sugar and that is all that is needed to produce this wonderful fresh Framboise Liqueur with its refined and delicate raspberry flavour. 

This liqueur can be enjoyed neat or over ice. Also worth trying is using it in cocktails and long drinks (with some bitter lemon)  or simply with some decent white or sparkling wine. Another suggestion is to try it over simple vanilla ice cream to turn it into a special desert.

Our liqueurs contain no added fragrances, colors and flavors. 

Product Specifications:

Volume: 700ml
Alcohol %: 24%
Dimensions: 33cm x 8cm diameter
Colli (bottles): 6
Pallet (bottles): 528