Rye Genever 5YO

Rogge Genever 5 Year

This Zuidam Rye Genever is a smooth but very rich genever due to the extra long maturation. The unique spiciness of the rye is supported by the flavors of juniper, licorice root and aniseed. As always, we first distill a grain eau de vie from 100% Rye. The rye is ground and mixed with warm water to create an old-fashioned batter that is distilled three times in real copper pot stills after a long fermentation of 7 days. During a fourth distillation we add herbs such as juniper, liquorice and a little bit of aniseed. The genever has now been aged in new oak barrels for at least 5 years. This allows the genever to develop its refined and soft taste and deep color.

100% Rye, 50% Malted Rye, 50% Unmalted Rye
5 years
Vat type
200 litre Virgin/New American Oak.
All bottles are hand labelled with a ribbon and a gold wax seal.