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Korenwijn 3YO

This genever is fruity and delicate because of the extra distillation of the new make.

The grain spirit is distilled from equal parts corn, rye and malted barley. The corn brings a rich sweetness, the rye spiciness and the malted barley provides the backbone. The resulting very fruity new spirit is four times distilled in a small pot still. Then, it is partially distilled with selected botanicals, juniper, Licorice and aniseed. Finally, the spirit and the botanical distillate are blended and reduced to 45% abv before ageing in small oak barrels. 

1/3 Corn, 1/3 Rye and 1/3 Malted Barley.
3 years
Vat type
200 litre Virgin/New American Oak.
All bottles are hand labelled with a ribbon and a red wax seal.