Special No23 Oude Genever 30YO. Oloroso - Single Barrel Botteling

Special No23 Old Genever 30YO Oloroso - Single Barrel 

Old Genever combines specific qualities of three different grain types.

The grain spirit is distilled from equal parts corn, rye and malted barley. The corn brings a rich sweetness, the rye spiciness and the malted barley provides the backbone. The new spirit is triple distilled in a small pot still. Then it is partially distilled a fourth time with selected botanicals, juniper, Licorice and aniseed. Finally, the spirit and the botanical distillate are blended and reduced to 45% abv before ageing in small oak barrels.

1/3 Malted Barley, 1/3 Rye and 1/3 Corn.
30 years
Vat type
Oloroso Sherry Casks
All bottles are hand labeled with a ribbon and gold wax seal